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Fanfiction story: Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson.

Finally, it was over. The last instalment of Twilight had been released. Robert sighed in relief to himself: sure, he was glad that the films had given him internationally success, fame and money, but it didn't stop him hating the stupid teen romance films. Most of all, he detested having to repeatedly pretend to be dating Kristen Stewart, in the films and in reality.
Very few people knew of Robert’s sexuality. He came out to his manager before he began the Twilight series, but she told him to stay in the closet until the end of the franchise. She was also responsible for setting him up with Kristen. She was a nice girl, but he just isn’t into girls at all. To be honest, he thought, it was Taylor Lautner who really turned him on. Robert dreamed about rubbing the younger man’s ripped body, licking his mouth and hard jaw, stroking his strong legs…
He was awoken from his day dream by a sharp knock on his hotel door. It was the evening after the premier, so he suspected it was just a reporter or one of the film crew. He swung the door open, but to his surprise it was Taylor!
“Hey there, Rob. I was just wondering if I could have a shower in your bathroom. I’m on the floor above, and the water pipes have burst”.
Robert quickly stopped himself from drooling at the thought of Taylor naked in his bathroom: “Sure thing, I’ll just grab you a towel”. He opened the door fully, allowing the twenty-one year old hottie to enter the room.
“There you go man”, said Rob, passing a towel to Taylor. He couldn't help himself but brush his hand against the tanned man’s forearm. The hard muscle sent shivers down his spine. He was almost licking his lips by the time Taylor shut the bathroom door. He was so horny, he felt like if he simply touched his man meat, he would cum.
He decided, to try to calm his raging boner, to watch TV to distract himself. However, 20minutes later, he was still daydreaming about Taylor’s hard, long cock up his tight hole. The sharp click of the bathroom door suddenly being unlocked awoke Robert from his fantasies.
“Sorry, I don’t want to be a pain, but my mini fridge is broken as well. Do you mind if I grab a couple of your beers?”
Robert knew that at this moment, he could either collapse from pure ecstasy of seeing every girl’s teenage dream in his towel, or he could keep some of his dignity and be cool. He chose the second.
Smiling, he replied: “Judging from the noise coming from your suite last night, I have a feeling that you and your lady friends may have emptied the fridge yourselves!”
Taylor smiled guiltily: “That may also be the reason for the water pipe mysteriously bursting last night…”
Robert laughed, getting off the sofa to get the beers, carefully concealing his raging cock as he did so. The last thing he needed was to have to explain his erection to the towelled hunk – he wanted him to stay for as possible.
“So you enjoyed yourself then?”
Taylor paused for a second before replied: “Yeah, sure, it was fine. It’s just… I dunno, I just don’t feel like chicks do it for me anymore. I mean, they still turn me on, and the sex is amazing, but they just don’t give me that special something…”
Rob tried to remain as calm as possible, but he was almost shaking with excitement: “Do you mean, you know, that you prefer guys?”
The twenty one year old smiled guiltily to himself: “I think I’m just experimenting at the moment, to be honest”.
Robert didn’t know what to say, so Taylor continued: “I just feel that I can do so much more with guys than I can with chicks. The guys that I’ve tried it with were wild…”
At that moment, the sexual tension in the room could have been cut with a knife. Rob stood up from the mini-fridge, stared at the embarrassed man in his towel, and just said: “Top or bottom?”
Taylor roared with laughter, mainly because of his relief that Robert hadn’t reacted badly: “Still on top. My hole is purely exit only.”
Hearing this, Rob casually strolled over to Taylor, pushed a beer bottle against his now hard dick, and lent in towards his ear, quietly whispering: “Well you can enter my hole any time”. Roberts’s warm breath tickled Taylor’s ear, and made him even hornier. Rob started to back away, but Taylor grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him into a tight kiss.
Within seconds, tongues were roaming around the insides of mouths:  Taylor’s warm tongue was pushing into Rob’s mouth, stroking his teeth and pushing into his throat. Robert Pattinson had never felt more turned on in his life. Their muscular bodies were soon pressed up against each other, sharing body heat. Taylor’s hot hands started exploring Rob’s face, before moving down his chest and under his shirt.  With Taylor already being in just a towel, Rob stroked the hunk’s muscular chest, defining his muscles.
After what seemed like hours, Taylor broke the kiss, pulling Rob away by his hair. Staring straight into the older man’s eyes, he said: “I’m in charge now”. Forcing his head down, Robert happily submitted to licking and sucking Taylor’s entire huge chest. It was so warm and muscular that Rob felt like he would happily do that forever. But Taylor had other ideas…
Pulling at the back of his towel slowly, his man meat was being revealed to Robert. The sensation of licking the sweat off Taylor’s body was enough, but after he saw the 9inch dick, which was oozing pre-cum, he knew he had to have Taylor in his mouth.
Taylor sighed loudly as Rob attempted to get his hand round his cock: he was secretly proud of the incredible width of his meat. He could feel Rob breathing on his dick, the warmth of his breath making him wriggle with the ecstasy: then Rob took one long lick up the shaft. Taylor simply couldn’t describe the intense pleasure he was feeling. As Robert took as much of the dick in his mouth as he could, Taylor thought he was going to release his juices right there and then. He pushed Rob away, the fear of cumming to early taking over, and planted a wet kiss in his mouth, tasting his own dick in Robert’s mouth. He then pulled off his Rob’s shirt and jeans, revealing a solid six pack and tight thighs. Kneeling down, so Taylor could feel the heat radiating off Rob’s cock, he slowly pulled down his boxers, and Rob’s hard dick sprung up, catching Taylors lip on the wet head. Rob groaned, so Taylor took this opportunity to please his co-star, and immediately wrapped his wet lips around the 7inch member. Robert breathed in in a short, rapid pattern as the stud deep throated his cock, choking on it as he took it down his throat. They were both in ecstasy: Robert was panting as his cock swelled in Taylor’s mouth, and Taylor enjoyed the taste of wet cock in his mouth. He started to slowly rub his hand in between Rob’s thighs, slowly coming round to Rob’s firm ass cheeks.
“Mmm yes!” Rob moaned as Taylor stroked his hole with his middle finger, dick still in his mouth, “Yes Taylor, stick your finger in me! Fill me up”.
Taylor pulled away from Rob’s crotch, smiling, as he stood up and pushed the older star onto the bed, back down. Rob trembled with nervous anticipation as Taylor pushed his bare legs into the air, knelt down and immediately started rimming his tight hole.
“Oh God Rob, you’re hole is so tight!” exclaimed Taylor between licks.
Robert was squirming, his body in absolute heaven, as Taylors thick tongue dove deeper into his ass hole, rubbing up against the sensitive walls of his rectum. This continued for about five minutes before Taylor stood up, long dick at full mast, and looked down at Rob.
“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Can I fuck you?” Taylor asked, already lining his cock up with Rob’s asshole. He knew the answer.
“Fill me, Taylor. Fill me with your meat. I want to feel you in me”.
With this, Taylor smirked at the other man, who was obviously madly in lust for Taylor. He spat once more on his dick, and then lent forward, his lips coming close to Rob’s, as his legs were pushed up against Taylor’s broad shoulders. The two men sighed in unison as Taylor’s head entered Rob’s ass, then they locked lips as Taylor slid another 4 inches in. The kissing became frantic, tongues exploring all cavities of the mouth, as both men started to sweat, so turned on by the hot sex. Rob’s asshole was tight, and Taylor could feel his walls closing in around his unprotected cock as he pushed all nine inches in.
“Ahh Taylor, you’re so big!” Rob squirmed as Taylor’s pupes reached his ass for the first time.
Taylor leant forward, kissing Rob’s neck, shoulders and chest: “Don’t worry babe, just tell me when you’re ready and I’ll send you into heaven!”
 After a minute, Rob nodded at Taylor, and he slowly pulled out of his ass, before plunging it back into Rob’s tight ass, hitting his g-spot, as Rob screamed in pleasure. Taylor began to pick up the pace, steadily fucking the hot stud, as his hole sucked Taylor’s dick back in.
He couldn’t believe how wet this hole was. It was tight, but also moist and soft. Rob was panting under him as he started to slam into the hole, really giving it his all, as the other star began to slam back into him, trying to get him further in.
“Oh yes Taylor, hit my g-spot. Fill my ass with your cock. O yes! Hit me there, right there!” Rob couldn't contain himself as Taylor plunged himself back in, changing the angle slightly, sending them both into new waves of pleasure.
Taylor went in for another sloppy exchange with Rob’s lips, before grabbing his ankles and taking full control, pulling his dick out then slamming it back in as quickly as he could. He knew he was close. There was a warm feeling spreading from his groin to the rest of his body.
“Cummon bitch, wank yourself off as I cream your slutty ass!” Rob reached forward, grabbing his dick and began to stroke it, causing his ass cheeks to contract, making his passage even tighter for Taylor. Sweat dripped off both men’s chests as they finally began to release.
“Here I come!” Taylor shouted, as he finally squirted four, five, six burst of hot sticky cum into Rob’s ass. Robert felt the dick swell in his ass, and sent him into a final wave of pleasure, and he screamed, as cum flew from his dick, hitting him in the face, and soaking his wide chest in sticky semen. Taylor released his legs, and collapsed on top of Rob, sharing a sweaty kiss.

After a few minutes, Taylor got up, pulling his dick out of Rob’s ass. Rob felt strangely empty without it. Taylor winked at him: “I think we should do this again sometime”. He walked into the bathroom, quickly put on the few clothes he arrived in, and left. Rob rolled over in bed; Taylor’s warm cum still dripping from his ass, as he fell into a deep sleep, reminiscing of the day’s occurrences. 

Hope you enjoyed it, I definitely enjoyed writing it. Of course, I don't know the sexualities of these men, and the story isn't true. As well as this, I advice condom usage, unlike the story suggests. This is my first story, so please leave replies and comments on it. Thanks 

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